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Don't Fall Into The Trap!

Okay, lets jump right in here and start with the good points of dating sites. They're a great way to meet new people for love, marriage or even just to make friends. Personally, I think they're better for younger people who have never been married or had children. Excellent for the late teens, 20's and 30's but as one gets older than that things change a bit...

If you're a divorced man or woman who has children and you want to start a new romance then you must think very carefully of all the implications of that for you and your children's sake.

We've all heard about the 'scammers' on dating sites who are only there to get your money off you. When older it is easier to fall into this trap, more so for men than women in my opinion. I think it's easier for men to be sucked in because they don't usually have the children so they feel more alone and will take more chances than a woman.

So, if you're new to dating sites and you're looking at this 'wonderful' person's profile you have to ask yourself this question... Am I chatting to the person in the picture/video or a scammer from another part of the world!

You'll hear women saying "I have my own money and don't need anyone else's" and they probably do. But there is something more sinister there with some of them. They are not bothered about a free meal or drink but they're looking at the bigger picture and wondering who has got the 'golden egg' and how they can obtain it for themselves and their children.

By 'golden egg' you know I'm talking about property and bank books etc. These days you don't need to be going through a divorce to be sued for maintenance etc. Just living with your partner for more than 2 years and then if a split up occurs, you could land in court again.

There's also the problem with inheritance, if you have a partner and you die you do realise of course that all assets will bypass your children and go to your partner. Maybe you can sort things out with a lawyer at the beginning but tread carefully with this aspect of getting 'hitched' again.

Some of the big online dating site names...
Plenty of Fish

Please look at this 'Marriage Fraud' video and realise that date site fraud is happening on a daily basis. This video is about foreign 'Mail Order Brides & Husbands' and I would imagine these cases seem more obvious to detect than people of the same nationality!

Marriage Fraud

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Mail Order Brides From Overseas

Thought about that pretty Asian or Russian girl who you think will make the perfect wife? Well, here are several things you might want to think about firstly.

1. Is she just looking for a passport to live in your country and after a while she brings family members over too?
2. Will she feel lost in a country with a different culture from hers?
3. Will she want to send money back home to help support parents and family and where will that money come from?
4. Does she intend to divorce you after a couple of years and get her 50%?

In countries like Thailand, if a woman is divorced from her husband she can't get 50% like she can here. So her coming to the 'western world' is a no loss situation. Only everything to gain, and they know that!
Thai Brides and the Marriage Agency Rip-off Scam

There is another online dating site which goes by the name of and it seems to be mostly of Filipino women and men. This site uses a video interface combined with stills of the members. I'm not sure about this dating site because most of the women and men sit in front of their web cams with hardly any clothes on! I have been on this site and I have been offered 'cyberlove' by Filipino and western women for money by PayPal or Western Union. (not my scene)

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Free Site

A well known 'free' online dating site called Plenty of Fish or 'POF' means you can get online quickly and create a profile and start chatting pretty fast. I must admit I have used this site and found a lot of scammers there. One woman wanted to date me even although she had a partner. She said "we don't have sex anymore" so I quickly replied and thanked her for being truthful and that we wouldn't be taking this any further!

More to follow shortly
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